A journey that began with a dream, one that withstood the challenges of time, even as I pen down my thoughts, the world is changing precipitously and technology is becoming obsolete quicker than it is conceived. Hence, it is imperative to stay in tune with the changing times, which is why we at Enkay Group -an employee’s owned company believe in keeping abreast of the latest legislations/technology and the ever-changing needs of the customer.

The feat is accomplished by technological innovation and effective teamwork. Needless to say it is teamwork that separates the winners from the losers and our formidable team – customers, vendors, business partners and their families are the driving force behind our phenomenal growth. Our core values imbibed fiercely in our team, have not only helped shape our destiny, but also have reposed our customers’ faith. Because it is not just about creating the best practices – it is about building a relationship that is dependable and trustworthy.

We believe that success comes from a relentless focus on innovation and execution. These concepts are not only vital to our services practice, but also to our sustainability efforts. Innovation in sustainability means doing things better and smarter. It means making the most of our resources, empowering people to do what they do best and helping our customers follow, and it also means using the power of diverse ideas to overcome challenges.