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Water Treatment Technologies

Successful water developments deal with the delicate balance between the needs of society and creating a sustainable, long-lasting approach. Our Water team is highly experienced at mitigating the effects of previous, unsustainable development and guiding on how to avoid future adverse effects on the water cycle.
We work for a wide range of clients, including international development agencies, Environment Agencies, local authorities, water utilities and major industrial houses. We are a multi-disciplinary organization, we are supported by experts from across the country and can deliver initiatives simply and effectively.
Our approach is intended to give just the right level of service. We can carry out feasibility studies, procurement, design and project management of water projects, from small developments to international water governance studies. We use innovative technology to provide designs which fully respect the water environment.
The major services in the water treatment provided by the Enkay Group are:
  • Raw water treatment:
    1. Solar water treatment: we have international tie-ups to provide proven solar water treatment units which are energy efficient and are capable of treatment of sea water also.
    2. RO systems
    3. Softener plants
  • Waste Water Treatment:
    1. Design, construction, O&M of sewage Treatment Plant
    2. Design, construction, O&M of industrial Effluent treatment plant conforming to the applicable standards of CPCB/State PCBs.