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Remote Sensing and GIS Services

Remote sensing is the examination or the gathering of information about a place from a distance. Such examination can occur with devices (e.g. - cameras) based on the ground, and/or sensors or cameras based on ships, aircraft, satellites, or other spacecraft.Whereas the GIS is a system of hardware, software and technical manpower used for storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data.

As with its varied types of data, the specific applications of remote sensing are diverse as well. However, remote sensing is mainly conducted for image processing and interpretation. Image processing allows things like air photos and satellite images to be manipulated so they fit various project uses and/or to create maps. By using image interpretation in remote sensing an area can be studied without being physically present there.

There are various types of data such as spatial, non-spatial, and temporal are being used for development of geographical information system. We are applying the high resolution satellite data such as CARTOSAT, LISS I-IV, IKNOS, LANDSAT etc. for various uses such as mining, Agriculture, Land use, Land cover, Forestry etc.

  1. Survey
    • Ground Survey
    • GPS Survey
    • Total Station Survey
  2. Digital Mapping Using Remote Sensing& GIS Services
    • Land Use and Land Cover Mapping
    • Geological and Geotechnical Mapping
    • Water Resource Mapping
    • Forest and Biodiversity Mapping
    • Wet / Dry / CoastalAreas Mapping
    • Soil Mapping
    • Disaster / Risk Analysis using Satellite Data
    • Thematic / Contour / Topographical Mapping
    • Digital Elevation Model (3D Mapping)
    • Cadastral Mapping
    • City / TownPlanning
    • Urban / Rural Area Planning Development & Management
    • Highways / State Highways / Railways Corridor Mapping
    • Climate Change Studies
    • Utility Mapping – Power line, Telecommunication etc.
    • Photogrammetry and Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data
  3. Technical and OtherServices
    • Satellite Data Purchase Services
    • Digitization and Designing using AutoCAD and GIS
    • Data Conversion Services
    • Satellite Image Geo-rectification and Enhancement
    • Software Tools and Related Services
    • LBS (Location Based Services) using GPS
    • Topographic and Geographical Services using IKONOS (High Resolution) Data
    • Route Network Analysis
    • Slope Aspect Analysis
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Image Georectification & Georeferencing
    • Water body Conservation & Management
    • Base Map & Drainage Map Generation;