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Energy Management Services

We can support energy consumers by assessing their consumption and carbon emission profiles, outlining improvement strategies and taking advantage of regulatory inducements to reduce energy impact. Our professional staff has utility, research, operations, management and application experience.
Energy strategy (evaluating consumption and costs)
  • Energy base lining
  • Contracts review and Energy Procurement
  • Energy foot printing
Energy audits for building owner clients
  • Cursory level Audits and facility review
  • Detailed Audits and Recommendations
Managing energy upgrades for building and industrial clients
  • Recommendations for upgrades
  • Costs analysis and funding strategies
  • EPC and retrofit
  • Project managing upgrades
  • Renewable energy systems design and review
GHG reporting and strategy
  • GHG Base lining
  • GHG Inventories
  • GHG Management Strategies
Energy Management Options
  • Wind
  • Hydro/run of river/pumped storage
  • Landfill gas to energy
  • Waste to energy
  • Biomass
  • Solar
  • Geothermal
Consulting/Advisory Services:
  • Development of New CDM Project(s)
  • Trading/Facilitator
  • Planning and Selection of Technology for Eligible CDM Project(s)
  • Complete preparation of documents including PIN (Project Information Note) and PDD     (Project Design Document)
  • Working with Independent Monitoring and Verifying Agencies
  • Assistance with Registration Process for Emission Credits
  • Project financing
  • Enkay Group has the capability to assist clients in entering Bilateral Agreements as well as commencing trading on International Emission Exchanges.
  • Enkay Group provides complete trading/facilitating services including working with legal Agency for International contract – ERPA (Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement), clearing houses and financial institutions for the completion of financial transactions.
GHG Management:

International standards and practices for corporate GHG management have become accepted and standardized. Enkay Group provides services to meet all stages of the GHG management process.

Stage 1: Carbon Footprints & GHG Inventories
  • Organizations or Projects
  • Products and Supply Chains
  • Training to Prepare Inventories In-House
Stage 2: Carbon Neutral/GHG Management Strategies
  • Emission Mitigation Strategies
  • Offset Strategies
  • Integrate GHG Systems with Environmental and Energy Management Systems
Stage 3: Mitigation & Offsetting
  • Implementation of Mitigation and Offset strategies
  • Due diligence of offset purchasing
Stage 4: Monitoring & Reporting
  • Monitoring and Tracking of GHG plans
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Carbon Disclosure
  • Voluntary Programs
Verification & Validation:
GHG management and project development require a robust system of internal and external oversight of inventories, public assertions and disclosure.
Enkay group has professionals that have completed Environment India’s GHG Validation and Verifcation Training who can:
  • Independently evaluate GHG inventories, projects, plans and public statements (such as claims of Carbon Neutrality) in accordance with specific programs and standards (such as ISO 14064) and industry best practices
  • Assist in preparation for verification and validation
  • Monitoring and Verification plans
  • Due Diligence for corporate disclosure
Project Development Assistance:
Consumers are increasingly demanding Our Clients have the potential to develop projects and technologies that reduce GHG emissions.
Enkay group understands the project approval and validation process and can assist project developers in:
  • Carbon footprints for supply chains and products.
  • Project methodologies and protocols
  • Baseline assessments
  • Project additionality
  • Project Design Documents and Monitoring and Verification Protocols
  • Project Management
  • Project Risk Evaluations/Due Diligence