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Compliance Consultancy Services

Enkay Group offers a comprehensive array of services designed to help companies worldwide evaluate and implement regulatory compliance requirements at the local, State, National, and Regional levels. We help a wide range of clients on issues associated with the permitting process, as well as ongoing facility operations and their impact on the environment, including social compliance audits and assistance with enforcement actions and other matters that may involve regulatory responses.

Enkay Group has experience and expertise across a broad range of compliance categories, including: air emissions; water quality, wastewater, and storm water; solid, hazardous waste; hazardous materials; and occupational safety and health requirements.

Our professionals understand not only the letter of the applicable regulations, but perhaps more importantly, the intent behind them. Clients benefit from the credibility and trust that we have earned through many years of successful interactions with regulators at local, state, regional, and national levels.
Our services include:
  • Turnkey annual consultancy
  • Compliance to Consent issued by State Pollution Control Boards
  • Compliance to Environmental Clearance issued by MOEF/SEIAA.
  • Compliance under HWMR, Biomedical, MSIHC & MSW Rules.
  • Compliance to the conditions laid in the NOC issued by CGWA.
  • Environmental Audit statement.
  • Compliance to the certificate issued by CPCB as Registered Actual User.